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Hathaway, Capt. Calvin S.  

Captain, Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Officer

Hathaway served with the MFAA from September 1943 until May 1946. In the spring of 1945, he was among officers who located a repository near Kitzbühel, Austria. The collection included artwork from the Vienna Kunsthistorische Museum, as well as ten smaller cases containing paintings, ivory objects, jewelry, and Benvenuto Cellini’s world-renowned gold saltceller, La Saliera. (The saltcellar, valued today at more than $58 million, was stolen from the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum in May 2003, and was recovered by authorities in January 2006). For his work, Hathaway received the Bronze Star.

Prior to his service in the U.S. Army, Hathaway was graduated from Princeton University, and also studied further at Harvard University and New York University. He was Curator of Decorative Arts at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from 1930 to 1933, then served as assistant curator of the Cooper-Union Museum for the Arts of Decoration in New York. Hathaway was promoted to the position of associate curator by 1942, and during that time developed a new system for cataloguing the museum’s collection.

Upon his return from Europe, Hathaway was named curator at the Cooper-Union Museum in 1946, and later became its director in 1951. In 1963 he returned to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and resumed his position as Curator of Decorative arts until his retirement in 1973. He passed away on July 10, 1974.


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