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Koch, Lt. Robert A.  

Lieutenant, Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA) Officer

Northern Renaissance scholar Robert A. Koch served with the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1946. While working with the MFAA, he was stationed at the Office of Military Government for Wurtenberg-Baden in Germany. Koch signed the Wiesbaden Manifesto, a document outlining the MFAA opposition of the removal of German-owned artworks from the Wiesbaden Collecting Point to the United States.

Koch earned his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s from the University of North Carolina in 1940 and 1942, respectively. Following his military service, he attended Princeton University for continued graduate studies. In 1948, he received a Master’s of Fine Arts and began working on his Ph.D., which he received in 1954. Koch began teaching at Princeton in the fall of 1948 in the Department of Art and Archaeology, and was named full professor in 1966. In 1950, he accepted the additional position of assistant director at the Princeton Art Museum. Koch also became Curator of Prints and Drawings in 1961. He retired from the university in 1990, and was named professor emeritus.

In 1956, Koch was awarded a Fulbright Research Grant to study art history in Belgium, and later received a grant from the American Council of Learned Societies in 1961. He was a member of the College Art Association, and served as director form 1961 to 1963. He is also the author of several books, including Joachim Patinir (1968) and Hans Baldung Grien; Eve, the Serpent and Death (1974). Dr. Koch currently resides in Princeton, New Jersey.


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