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Sizer, Maj. Theodore | Skelton, Dorothy G.S. | Skilton, Lt. John D., Jr.

Skelton, Dorothy G.S.  

Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (MFAA), Volunteer Assistant

Artist and educator Dorothy Skelton first volunteered for military service in 1944, when she became a senior research analyst for Military Intelligence at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. From 1947 to 1948 she worked as a volunteer researcher for the MFAA Restitution Branch, Office of Military Government for Hesse in Wiesbaden, Germany. While in Germany, Skelton also taught art to German students in Bad Nauheim.

Skelton received her Bachelor’s degree in 1940 and her Master’s degree in 1943, both from the University of California. Upon her return from MFAA service, she continued working as an art educator. In the 1950’s, Skelton worked at the Dayton Art Institute and the Lincoln School in Dayton, Ohio. She began teaching at the University of Virginia School of Continuing Education in 1962, and remained there until 1975. An avid researcher of genealogy, Skelton wrote The Squire Simmons Family, 1746-1986 in 1986. She was a member of the American Association of University Women, the American Association of Museums, the College Art Association of America, and the National Society of Arts and Letters. Her artwork was exhibited at Madison Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia. Skelton died in 1999.


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